Summary of Experience

To my faithful readers,

This blog has been one of the most fun things I’ve been able to do in a long time. Not only did it teach me more about the world of blogging, it also forced me to go out and try new things with skating, as well as introduced some new amazing friends and great opportunities in the community of longboarding.

I know I wasn’t always the greatest blogger–long breaks, sloppy writing, and let’s be honest, a little redundant–but I truly appreciate every one of my followers, readers, and visitors to the page.

Don’t worry though!

This isn’t goodbye.

Of course, with the semester coming to a close, no longer being required to blog, and not to mention the weather decreasing by the second, I will not be posting as regularly as I have been. But I will be sure to keep my friends and fans updated on the exciting adventures that I will surely encounter in the future.

You can of course still follow the Bobcat Boarding twitter page, and write to me here on my blog, as well. I will surely reply, as I would love to stay in touch with all of my readers!

So, until next time… Keep riding, keep writing, and happy holidays!




Over the past few months, I’ve accumulated a few videos of my friends and me skating. I thought I should share them with you!

Now, this is with some reluctancy because, let’s be honest, I’m no professional skater OR videographer…or director. So these are very short and sloppy. There’s no editing or music. But they still show you a little of what I have been doing over time.

This first video is one that I shot during my night ride that I wrote about in my blog post, 11:45pm.

This second video is one that I shot while Caitlin and I were at OP Schnabel Park in San Antonio, TX. I took this one because it showed a good range of pushing off, riding smoothly…riding not-so-smoothly, taking curves, and going down a small hill. It doesn’t look like much, but this hill was such an accomplishment for me!

And finally, here are a few links to really goofy Vines that my friend Stephanie & I shot one day. I’m gonna go ahead and ask for little to no judgement on these… hah!

Hope you enjoyed seeing the idiotic things that I have been up to the past few months!

Now, send me something that you’ve been doing!


Hello readers!

I recently wrote an article on Storify about the longboarding lifestyle. I drew from social medias to really try to envelope exactly what the community around the sport is and touch on points about how longboarding has effected me personally.

Here’s the link, so give it a read, go out and find your local skating community, and write about your experiences! I’d love to hear them

NOLA Skate!

Last weekend, I went on a very long family road trip to Georgia to watch my older brother graduate from college. Couldn’t be more proud of him!


Stuffed car

Our return to Texas brought my brother back with us…including all of his belongings. My little Jeep was overflowing with our luggage, his belongings, and of course, my board!



In order to break up the 18 hour drive between Georgia and Texas, we made a one-night stop in New Orleans, Louisiana and it was incredible! We got in around 8pm so we were able to go to the incredible Acme Oyster House and admire the beauty of the city. The next morning, we got up and walked to Cafe Du Monde to get coffee and beignets…and to give me the opportunity to skate around the city. It was so much fun!



Let me tell you though, NOLA is such a different environment! It was wet, it was¬†freezing, it was busy, and most importantly, it was flat! San Marcos being the hilled “paradise” that it is, the flat landscape was so refreshing. The slick grounds made it slightly terrifying when rounding corners, and the busy sidewalks and many intersections drove me to a halt every once in a while but it was incredible.

I was sad that I didn’t get the chance to skate in Georgia but the trek around New Orleans in the early morning was just beautiful.


Hey readers!
Sorry I’ve been so absent recently. To be honest, I’ve had some stuff going on in my life that required my immediate attention & left me too drained to even go out on an adventure–let alone write about one.
But here’s one for y’all!
The self-taught student has become the self-taught teacher… If that makes any sense. Since I started my journey almost a year ago, I’ve now acquired two pupils! My friends Stephanie & Faith have entrusted me to be their guide into the wonderful world of longboarding and I couldn’t be happier.
I mean think about it: the reason I started this blog was to share my experiences with others & inspire people to try something new. That’s what I’ve done!
Stephanie accompanies me on walks and playfully rides on my board. Faith actually got a board of her own & completely customized it through the help of my favorite skate shop, Zumiez.
I’ll admit it’s a little scary to attempt to guide others while I’m still a novice myself, but it’s so much fun and I’m having the time of my life–and I hope my friends are too!!




So it’s almost midnight, and I’m out skating.
Now I know what you’re thinking. “It’s late, it’s cold, it’s dark, you’re crazy.” Yeah, I know. But there are so many reasons this is perfect right now.

  1. It’s chilly outside, yeah, but I love cold weather! And the crisp air, light breeze… I don’t know what it is but I love it
  2. I mean I know it’s late and dark, but I’m in a parking lot…there are street lights lining the whole area. No biggie
  3. I know it’s dangerous to be out this late alone but I have my cell phone, my car, and a knife. I think I’m good y’all
  4. This parking lot is absolutely perfect for a beginner like me: no big hills, smooth turf, lots of room. The only problem is it’s completely packed during the day!

Basically I had no other option than to take advantage of this beautiful night and this empty land.

Look I’m still a beginner but I’m in love with this!

Great tunes, beautiful weather, perfect night.

Mastering Unfamiliar Territory

My friends and I love to take mini road trips around the central Texas area, mainly the stretch between Austin and San Antonio. Wherever we go, we’re sure to have our boards with us– a great skater never misses the opportunity to shred. The problem with this is when you’re in a city you don’t know much about, it may be difficult to find places to skate.

There are some little tricks that you could use to find some good areas. If you’re in a mostly flat city (like Lubbock), then pretty much anywhere is acceptable and easy. If you’re in an area that is very hilly (like San Marcos), and you’re a beginner like me, then finding a nice place to skate is extremely difficult. Hills, stairs, trains, many places don’t even have sidewalks. Then, of course, in any situation, ¬†you need to keep an eye out for high traffic areas– these are NEVER good places to skate, no matter how experienced you are.

Well, I wanted to make it easier for myself, my friends, and really anyone to find great places to skate no matter where they travel. From this, I came up with the idea to design the Community Skate app! This is an iPhone application (coming to Android soon! [jk]) that will show you great places to skate based on both geographic facts as well as community input.

View this slideshow to see the layout and functionality of Community Skate!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Obviously, at this point, this app is just a dream. Designing it definitely instilled a desire in me to one day further develop this app and hopefully release it one day. My goal is to really help out the skateboarding community by giving them an outlet to learn more about all they can do!